A Day Trip to Lake Geneva in Switzerland

Surrounded by the Alpine peaks, the shores of Lake Geneva offer its tourists and travelers one of the most beautiful settings in Europe. With so many things to see, there are plenty of day trips for one to do here.

You can choose between the lakeside towns, a visit to one of the most famous castles in Europe, or a ride on one of the mountain railroads that you can find here. Moreover, as the international border with France is very close to Geneva, you can also give the French Alps or the traditional French villages a try.

With all of this being said, we’ll now show you one of the one-day trips you can embark on in Lake Geneva – so that you won’t waste too much time after getting off the Geneva airport taxi that has just brought you to your accommodation.

Lake Geneva Tour

Naturally, the first thing you’ll think of is to take a day trip around Lake Geneva itself. You can choose from one of the four quays that can be found along the lakefront in order to start your journey.

As soon as you get on the boat, you’ll get amazed by the surroundings that can be entirely seen now – no buildings or any other things that can get in your way. First of all, the mountain views are just magnificent – and there’s no chance you’d miss those.

You can also see the stone villages that are located on the hillsides around Lake Geneva, the multitude of Belle Epoch hotels that crown the lakeside resorts, as well as that famous castle we talked about at the beginning of this article – Chateau de Chillon.

Depending on the location you liked the most as seen from the boat, you can choose to disembark and start visiting more.

Chateau de Chillon

Your day trip to Lake Geneva will most likely include a visit to Chateau de Chillon. As we’ve mentioned before, it is one of the most famous castles in Europe – built in the 9th century, the castle complex is formed of around 20 buildings that can be seen and explored by following the marked tour route.

The guides that will lead you through the complex will most likely wear costumes, adding more to the immersion conveyed by the castle. Also, make sure you get to see the Duke’s apartments, the Bernese Room, and the Heraldic Hall, as they are some of the castle’s highlights.

Chaplin’s World

Before or after visiting Chateau de Chillon, you can stop and explore Chaplin’s World, a site that’s dedicated to, obviously, the one and only Charlie Chaplin.

Here, you will be welcomed by a studio built in the Hollywood style where you’ll learn more about the artist and its life. Of course, you can choose another location if Chaplin doesn’t spark your interest – after all, Lake Geneva has an almost unlimited number of attractions that you can visit.

It’s entirely up to you what you do after you get off your Geneva airport transfer, but we recommend that you make some time and visit Chateau de Chillon and have a boat tour on the lake itself – after you’ve done these, Lake Geneva and its surroundings are completely yours to discover.