The Tempting Trek to Triund

That period of anxiety is now over; you have found and married the person you will like to travel the rich tapestry of life with. What better than planning a beautiful Loving Honeymoons at a serene and uncommon honeymoon destination complete with a trek among awe inspiring scenic beauty? This is easily one of the most popular trekking trails in the beautifully serene Dharamtala. Here the romantic heart rejoices with the romance not only found by the roadside of scene spots but in the very urge to walk a magnificent trail with your lovely, newfound soul mate. Behind the majestic Dhauladhar range lies the breathtakingly spectacular ridge of Triund.

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If you have always wanted to walk right into the clouds this is the place to be. The Triund Trek ends in a lush and green meadow, just where the clouds begin. They say marriages are made in heaven but what could beat the thrill of the romantic trek leading you right up to the gates of paradise, guarded by the clouds. This is not a place that will come up quick when you are searching the internet for Honeymoon & Romantic Packages in India or maybe even going a step further and looking for the best honeymoon & romantic packages in India, maybe simply because most people do not look at a trek as something romantic or to be ideal for a honeymoon activity. But we ask why not?

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What could be more romantic than getting lost in the laps of idyllic nature and holding your breaths together at the amazing view, unfolding all around you? Another great thing about the Triund Trek is that it is not as difficult and strenuous as the ones preferred by serious trekkers. It is a comparatively easy path, where nature’s bounty is at its generous best. Is that not how you would like your married life to be? Romantic and natural, spectacular without pretenses? Even apart from the symbolism, this trail is a lovely way to getting to know more about your precious other half in a way that is precious if not as popular as it deserves to be. If you want to turn the trek even less taxing you could simply travel to Gallu Devi Temple by a car, and start the trail from there. Many cars for hire are available at Mcleodgunj which will take you to Gullu Devi. And once you embark on the journey you will know what walking in beauty truly means. The spectacular Kangra valley lies on one side while the mighty Dhaulidhar lies on the other. Nature herself has decided to be romantic here, in all her beautiful splendor.

The most part of the trek is easy as a cakewalk while the last part of it is only moderately challenging. The last one km of the trek winds and rewinds and curves 22 times before reaching magical Triund. Here you can be free, as free as you want to be. As the many contraptions laid on our souls by the city lives loosen and unshackle with every lap and around every curve. There are some small spots selling refreshments on the way, here you might to pass a few moments of languid leisure before re embarking on the journey. As every traveler knows that the places you stop at are equally important as the journey you undertake just like the pockets of silence are crucial to a well written poem.

Once you reach Triund, we recommend you make a romantic night halt beneath the stars. You can hire a tent which accommodates the two of you for as low as five hundred bucks a night. This is another great thing about the Triund Trek, it is not too draining on the pockets. Even if Triund has not yet featured a lot as one of the cheap honeymoon & romantic packages in India, it certainly deserves to be. Can you think of a better way to spend a romantic night than being surrounded by such natural beauty? And wait for the wonderful sunrise signifying to the world that another day has begun filled with love and beauty. The best way to reach Triund is to reach Mcleodganj and then start on the breathtaking trail together.